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Meet The Team

Tom, "Gandalf the Great"  - Tom Has worked on high profile jobs for fortune 500 companies throughout his career and has helped us grow our company to what it is today. Tom is a family man who enjoys golf in his free time. We are lucky to be able to call Tom a part of the Mktg4thefuture family. 

Alexis, "Content Wizard of the Web" Alexis comes with us with a background in writing for over 5 years in the PR industry. 

Mike," The Padawan" - Mike is a skilled designee and programmer. We are excited to have recently hand pick Mike from the competitive University of Arizona CS program. Mike brings a unique, creative, and well cultured background to the programming process that we have been searching for. His specialties include HTML 5 and CSS. 

Eric,  "PPC JEDI" Eric is a master when is comes to PPC and SEM campaigns on both an analytic and technical level. He copmes to us with a background in managing high level budgets for multi million dollar companies. 

Carson,  "Client Management Guru"
 Carson comes to us with a background in customer service management and helps us maintain win-win relationships with all our clients, ensuring positive ROI's are bring tracked and delivered in a timley manner and up to par and beyond client expectations/ 

Founder and CEO, Caleb Tennenbaum: